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A  Bishop is visiting Dublin for a conference. While there, a fellow clergyman recommends a restaurant to go to en route to the railway station.
He takes the advice, and decides to treat himself to a steak . He goes in, sits down, and waits for his order to be taken.
Finally, a waitress comes over.

“Good day!” he says, “one steak please, rare”.”

She returns to his table some ten minutes later, puts his plate of sirloin down before him, and says, ““ONE BLOODY STEAK, Father”.
The bishop says, ““Young lady,  I am a ‘man of God’ and cursing like that offends me.”

She replies, “Oh no, I wasn’t swearing. That’s what we call an underdone steak here – it’s how the chef cooks it….bloody”

“Right so”, replies the bishop accepting this explanation, “Sorry, I misunderstood”
A  year later, the Bishop is back in town, at a three day conference.

On the last evening he says to a couple of priests who are with him, “Look, lads, we’ve had a grand time here, but the cookin’ hasn’t been wonderful. So am treatin’ you to a slap-up dinner in a wee place I discovered last time I was here in the city. How’s about it?”

So they go to the restaurant, sit down, and when the waitress comes over, the Bishop says, three bloody  steaks, please””
As she goes off to get the order, one of the priests shouts after her, “Aye, and we’ll have  plenty of fecking chips with them!”

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