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The Meenister’s Log

It’s not something that the Church of Scotland does, but on a couple of occasions – a long time ago – I was asked to visit two particular houses “as there was something ‘not quite right’ about their respective bedrooms

At the first home, I simply said a prayer with the family and that seemed to help them; in the second case I was told to go upstairs to the bedroom to “see for yourself”

I did, and,honestly, there was a chilly atmosphere – not pleasant at all.  I stayed for five minutes and stood in silence in this cold, creaking, unpleasant atmosphere, before rejoining the family in their sitting room.

I explained what I had experienced until it was pointed out to me that I’d gone into the wrong bedroom….. and said the lady of the house, “We really must get the gap between the skirting board and wall fixed; it’s so drafty and cold up there!” 

{I think that “skirting board” is known as “baseboard” in the USA}

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