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man from Plymouth thinks he can see Jesus in his cocktail cabinet

from The Telegraph

Monday 24 August 2015


Jesus Christ performed many miracles, according to the Bible. He turned water into wine, fed five thousand people using a very limited food supply, and has now appeared in a church organist’s cocktail cabinet.

Robert Burgess-Moon, 35, was delighted that he was chosen to experience an apparition of Christ. He said that he noticed nothing untoward about the cabinet until he felt like he was being watched as he watched TV.

He told the Plymouth Herald: “I thought ‘There’s a face looking at me through the cabinet’, it looked like the face of Jesus, the image everybody has of him. We were quite shocked really, it was just not something you expect, it’s like a Holy Spirit cabinet now.”


His partner didn’t believe him about the apparition of Christ at first, but he soon came round: “He couldn’t see it to begin with, but when I pointed it out to him it stands out.”

Instead of performing miracles such as walking on water or healing lepers, it appears that nowadays Christ has decided to spend His time appearing in various household items, such as pancakes, log fires, socks and jars of Marmite.


Sky Pilot says:  I think that Robert Burgess-Moon has been sampling too many of the contents of his cocktail cabinet!

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