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The Return of the King (Advent expectation)

John Phillips, in his book Exploring Revelation, tells about the return from the Crusades of Richard The Lionheart to England. While Richard was absent, his brother, John, misruled the realm. The people of England suffered under John’s rule and longed for the return of their rightful king.

They prayed that it might be soon. Then one day Richard returned. He landed in England and marched straight for his throne.

Richard  laid claim to his throne, and none dared stand in his path. The people shouted their delight. They rang peal after peal on the bells. The Lionheart was back! Long live the king!

John Phillips adds these hopeful words: “One day a King greater than Richard will lay claim to a realm greater than England. Those who have abused the earth in His absence, seized His domains, and mismanaged His world will all be swept aside.”



No one knows when it will be.  No one knows what shape it will take, but we know this: God’s in charge and God can be trusted. Be alert!  ‘Watch!’

(adapted from) King Duncan, Collected Sermons



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