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Inappropriate Calls – 2

The Meenister’s Log

On holiday in Buckinghamshire one year, visiting Windsor, and my mobile phone rings.

“Hello, it’s Anne from the switchboard – are you enjoying your holidays?”

“Yes, indeed, and the sun’s shining”

“Oh, it’s a bit dull here”

“Well, I’m in a lovely part of the world and am just crossing the bridge to Eton”

“Oh, it sounds lovely”

And so the conversation continued, until she said “I know you’re on holiday, but there’s a staff nurse in Ward **, who would like to speak to you;I’ll put her through”

“Hello, this is xxxxx from Ward ** – hope you’re enjoying your holiday; I wonder if you have your diary to hand – I’ve just got engaged and we’d like you to conduct our wedding”   Doh!


Phone rings.  “Hello, we’re getting married and we’d like you to conduct the ceremony”

“When is it?

“Saturday, August 5th at 3.00 p.m at St.Michael’s”

“Let me check my diary”   …..   “Oh, sorry, there’s already a wedding at the Kirk at that time”

Panic – “but we’ve already booked the reception!”

(putting the cart before the horse — or something like that)

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