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Stupid old fool



Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson on Thursday took some time out during his daily television show to offer advice to a twice-divorced woman: You pick losers and shouldn’t remarry.

The Christian media mogul made the comments during the write-in segment of his show “The 700 Club” on Dec. 5.

Viewer “Melody” asked Robertson if she was going to be in trouble with God due to multiple divorces.

“What is God’s view on divorce?” Melody asked. “All of my marriages failed. I tried really hard to make them work, but the last husband wouldn’t work or pay the bills, and the guy before him was an alcoholic. Will I go to hell if I marry again? Will I be classified as an adulteress?”

“In answer to your question, you’ve got a serious problem, and I don’t think marriage is for you,” Robertson responded. “You have picked a selection of losers. There is something in your character that draws you to these men who are indigent or abusive. … I don’t think you’re marriage material.”

While noting that she wasn’t going to go to hell for her actions, Robertson said Melody appeared to be making her own hell on Earth.

“Just for now, forget marriage,” Robertson concluded. “Work out a life for yourself. … Get close to the Lord.”

Robetson’s comments are in keeping with his generally colorful (or, depending on whom you ask, offensive) opinions regarding homosexuality, politics and marriage.

In May, Robertson told a viewer that married men “have a tendency to wander” and that it is up to the wife to make sure her husband is continually given incentives to remain faithful. Focus on the positive, Robertson advised, and don’t nag him about cheating, lest he be driven even further away.

Similarly, in 2010, the host advised a woman complaining about her husband’s flirtatious ways not to “hassle him about it” and just make herself as attractive as possible.

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