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Who are you?

The Meenister’s Log

Guernsey is a popular holiday destination, and I was the C of S minister there for a short while in the late Nineties

On one Sunday either Low Sunday or Easter Sunday itself, I preached about either Mary Magdalene not recognising the risen Christ  – or the Road to Emmaus story from Luke where the disciples didn’t know that it was Christ who walked with them

It was about “recognition”

In the congregation was a very distinguished gentleman with his Lady wife – visitors

At coffee time, he asked where my previous   Charge had been

I  answered that it had been St Michael’s Inveresk

He responded that he was chairman of the  Carberry Trust  (within my then Parish)

I didn’t  have the heart to tell him that I had been an active member of said Trustees meetings which he had chaired


A presbytery colleague a few years back welcomed a lady to his morning service.

“Lovely to see you – are you on holiday here?”

Answer: ” I’m the Presbytery Moderator!”

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