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Charlie Chaplain’s Tales (continued)

imageCharlie Chaplain's Tales (continued)

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October 27, 2013 · 07:37


Teenage Exorcists Slam ‘Harry Potter’ On London Visit Because Magic Comes ‘From Satan’
Yasmine HafizThe Huffington PostSep 11, 2013
These teenage exorcists have a target in their sights as they arrive in London to battle demons — Harry Potter.

Brynne Larson, 18, Tess Sherkenback, 18, and her sister Savannah, 21, have been performing exorcisms since high school under the leadership of Brynne’s father Rev. Bob Larson, who claims to have performed over 15,000 exorcisms.

BBC3’s clip of the upcoming documentary “Teen Exorcists,” shows the poised and photogenic trio earnestly talking to filmmaker Dan Murdoch about why they consider London a “center of witchcraft.” The Arizona girls headed to London as part of their first international tour with Rev. Larson, and they believe that J.K. Rowling’s beloved Harry Potter series is responsible for an upsurge of occult activity in the U.K.

Savannah seriously weighed in on why London is full of dark forces, explaining, “I think it’s been centuries in the making, but I believe it all kind of came to a pinnacle, a peak, with the Harry Potter books that have come out, and the Harry Potter rage that swept across England.”

Her sister Tess agreed, commenting, “The spells and things that you’re reading in the Harry Potter books? Those aren’t just something that are made up– those are actual spells. Those are things that came from witchcraft books.”

“Harry is using this magic for good. So here we have the dangerous idea that you can use this magic for good or bad. Whereas in reality, all magic is bad, because you’re getting your power from Satan,” said Brynne.

The girls have vowed never to read the Harry Potter novels, and hope to help U.K. teenagers defend themselves from “inviting Satan to possess them by reciting the spells in the Harry Potter books.”

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“Gay Demons”




Reverend Bob Larson is the self-proclaimed “world’s foremost expert on cults, the occult and supernatural phenomena

Larson claims that he has performed over 15,000 exorcisms and has written numerous books, like “Larson’s Book of Spiritual Warfare,” which is “an encyclopedic reference about demons, the devil, and deliverance,” and “Demon Proofing Prayers.”

A clip of Larson’s alleged exorcist handiwork (above) is now going viral. But this is no garden-variety demon purging. Oh, no! In this particular video,  Larson supposedly comes face to face with a gay demon.

While presiding over a grunting, moaning, yet otherwise normal looking middle-age man, Larson commands, “I loose him from the curse of homosexuality…” and informs the audience of onlookers, “The worst thing in the world for filthy stinking sex demon to say is ‘the holy spirit’ — they hate it.”

After the man is “freed” of the demon, the video cuts to Larson addressing the camera and stating, “I pray in the name of Jesus for those who may be battling sexual feelings of lust and pornography and lesbianism and homosexuality… Amen.” Viewers are then encouraged to call in and order a $59 three-video set to help them break “the six strongholds of Satan.”



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The Meenister’s Log

It’s not something that the Church of Scotland does, but on a couple of occasions – a long time ago – I was asked to visit two particular houses “as there was something ‘not quite right’ about their respective bedrooms

At the first home, I simply said a prayer with the family and that seemed to help them; in the second case I was told to go upstairs to the bedroom to “see for yourself”

I did, and,honestly, there was a chilly atmosphere – not pleasant at all.  I stayed for five minutes and stood in silence in this cold, creaking, unpleasant atmosphere, before rejoining the family in their sitting room.

I explained what I had experienced until it was pointed out to me that I’d gone into the wrong bedroom….. and said the lady of the house, “We really must get the gap between the skirting board and wall fixed; it’s so drafty and cold up there!” 

{I think that “skirting board” is known as “baseboard” in the USA}

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