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The irreverent Reverend George



from the “Toronto Star”

Nearly three months after their summertime wedding, Jessica and Casey O’Donnell aren’t quite sure if they’re actually married.
In the Peterborough couple’s own words, the newlyweds are “sort of” spouses.
“Un-frickin-believable,” said Casey, 33, when discussing the events that led to their marital limbo.
“To be honest, it feels surreal, like — did this actually happen? What the hell?”
What happened is this: In the rush to organize an outdoor wedding in August, they took to Kijiji to hire an officiator named George T. Casselman to oversee their ceremony and legally confirm their nuptials.
That resulted in what Casey calls a “trainwreck” at the altar. As portrayed in a video of the ceremony, Casselman stumbled over his words and seemed to utter incoherent sentences. He briefly misplaced the wedding rings, then dropped them to the grass at his feet. At one point he lost his place in his notes, prompting Jessica to mutter, “Couldn’t you just make it up?”
That was hard enough, Jessica recalled. But then, on Monday, the couple says they received a call from Service Ontario telling them Casselman was not authorized to marry people in the province. The O’Donnells say they now have to go to family court and apply for an “order of validity” to finally make their marriage official, an ordeal Casey expects to cost “about $500.”

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