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‘We don’t want a mustache man marrying another bearded man’



Ghana politician says Africa is under ‘satanic attack’ from gays

Ghana’s former deputy speaker of parliament has said that people advocating for the rights of LGBTI people in Africa are carrying out ‘satanic’ works and that if children are allowed to be raised by same-sex couples they will grow up to be ‘miscreants’
Mike Ocquaye

Photo by Tonyr68uk

Ghanaian retired MP Mike Ocquaye has called calls for the protection of LGBTI people in Africa ‘satanic attacks’ and has claimed that Africa’s traditional family system is being threatened by the West.

The former Deputy Speaker of the Ghanaian Parliament claimed homosexuality was a foreign ‘abomination’ being pushed on Africa.

‘We consider this an abomination,’ Ocquaye told an anti-gay forum in Accra, according to GhanaWeb.

‘We don’t want a mustache man marrying another bearded man and it is the right of the children to call a man father and a woman mother. Children brought up in the other way will become what we call miscreants.’

‘The family is under satanic attack and we should take great care to protect it.

‘We Africans have certain values and our friends who want to remain our friends in the Western world must respect our values.’

Ocquaye claimed that British Prime Minister David Cameron had acknowledged that the family unit in Europe had been destroyed.

‘At least British recognizes it is in a serious crisis today because as they themselves say the family has broken down.’ Ocquaye said.

‘The family in Europe has broken down. Two years ago, the British Prime Minister himself made a public announcement of this.’

Ocquaye has previously claimed that African countries can resist gay rights by refusing to trade with the West because Africans import more goods than they export.

– See more at: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/ghana-politician-says-africa-under-%E2%80%98satanic-attack%E2%80%99-gays310314#sthash.yNDWSwIM.dpuf

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