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Gavle Goat

o-GAVLE-570Gavle Goat Hopes To Survive Fire In Christmas 2013 As Swedish Town Protects Giant Straw ‘Gävlebocken’ From Arson

By Yasmine Hafiz –  Huffpost
Posted: 12/04/2013 7:21 am EST

Since the enormous straw caprine, or ” Gävlebocken,” was erected in the town’s main square in 1966, it’s been subject to the attacks of vandals who try to burn it to the ground and often succeed. In fact, it’s been torched by arsonists on more occasions than it has actually survived the season.

The goat itself is a social creature that updates the world on its life via Twitter, Instagram, and Blogspot in both English and Swedish.

Last year, the goat only lasted until December 12th, before it went up in flames.

But this year, town officials are confident that the goat won’t burn, due to the anti-flammable liquid that they’ve soaked the hay with, reports The Local.

It was officially opened to the public on Sunday, Nov. 30, amidst much fanfare in the Castle Square. The Gavle goat is an enormous version of a Yule goat, one of Scandinavia and Northern Europe’s oldest traditions.

Fast goat facts:

Weight: 3.6 tonnes
Height (horns): 13 metres
Withers hight: 7,6 metres
Length: 7 metres
The straw is delivered by Mackmyra Swedish Whisky.

In past years, the goat has been subject to a foiled helicopter kidnapping attempt, and an arson gang that tattooed themselves with images of the burned Gavlebocken.

Gavlebocken says it’s optimistic about this year, however.

Gävlebocken @Gavlebocken
@goatwatcher Yes! I am planning to celebrate Christmas and New Year with all my friends! Feeling safe this year!

We wish it all the best.

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