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subversive Christmas ad

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from “Spotted in Windsor”

To the young lady at walmart who made my day – Please share
Spotted: I am touched. I was walking through Wal-Mart this morning doing some regular shopping with my two daughters. As we were walking through the store I was having some random conversations with my kids. We were joking about how quickly we can shovel the snow if it snowed a lot this week. We talked about what I was going to make for dinner today and joked about how we pick the person who is going to have to do dishes. We played some I spy with my eye as we walked through the isles…just other random conversations as we typically do to make it fun while we shop. After we paid for our stuff and made our way towards the exit this man who was standing there with his 1 daughter stopped me and his daughter handed me an envelope. I asked what this was for and they said “it’s a gift just because and we would like it if you accepted it. There is a note inside explaining why.” His daughter asked if she could hug me and I said yes so she did and I felt such a warm hug. We said bye and went on our way. When I got into the car with my girls I opened this card up. It said “just listening to you talk to your daughters reminded me of my mother who I lost 2 years ago. I made my dad follow you around for a little so I can hear you guys talk because I wanted to pretend that it was my mom talking to me. Please accept this gift card of $20 just because you made our day. Have a great Sunday and thank you. I am in tears while I type this to submit it because I do not think you know what you have given me. You just assured me that I am a great mother even though sometimes every parent questions themselves. But, you also showed me how amazing people are in my city and how glad I am to be able to feel the hugs of my daughters. I am sorry you lost your mom at such a young age and I wish I had your contact information because I would love to take you for a coffee one day. If you do see this please email me gilligan7723@outlook.com. Share this if you could in hopes this girl sees it. There is no name or anything else in the card
A mother who was really touched

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HM the Queen visits Pope Francis I

HM the Queen visits Pope Francis I

“It’s a miracle! We brought you a bottle of Highland Spring”

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April 3, 2014 · 23:25

Christmas in a Nutshell

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December 18, 2013 · 08:37

“O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.” (Robert Burns)

The Meenister’s Log

I’m sometimes invited to speak to a branch of the Church of Scotland’s Guild (formerly the Woman’s Guild) and it always seems to be in an out of the way place on a dark and dismal February evening.

Once I drove here, there and yonder in this particular village (which I’d never been to before) looking for the  Hall where the meeting was to be held (the actual church building had closed down a few years before, so this is where they met).

Eventually, found it in the proverbial nick of time, went in and found half a dozen elderly ladies still wearing their coats and scarves – the heating had broken down.

We got round to my half hour talk about chaplaincy and I gave it my all: there were accounts of amusing incidents, the old chestnuts of anecdotes, poignant and sad stories (so tragic that they would make you feel that the “Death of Little Nell” was a work of comedic genius*),but all the time never losing touch with this kind of ministry and the giving of spiritual care to those in need.

I don’t use notes, so it was a wee bit of a “performance”, though sincerely done, if not in a somewhat animated fashion.  After all, these few ladies had come out on a cold winter’s night to hear me, and deserved a little bit extra.

After the meeting, I was escorted to the door by the secretary who said  “Well, Mr Strachan, I wish I had your gift”

I was thinking “empathy, compassion, healing… a host of things”

“Aye, the gift of the gab!  Here’s a fiver for your expenses”

The primitive Celtic word for mouth was Gab, but the expression is more likely based on the Middle English Gabbe meaning “idle talk”. Gab however remains in modern use as the basis of Goblet and the slang Gob for mouth. Gab, for mouth, was known in 1811.

{* Oscar Wilde  on Dickens: ‘One would have to have a heart of stone to read the death of little Nell without dissolving into tears…of laughter’.}

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