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Posted on Facebook – a Touching Story

Kira Troia – Walmart 
I’m a cashier at store 1883 and feel like I need to share this story. Tonight at the end of my shift I shut my light off and started ringing out my last customers of the day. They where a young married couple in their early 20’s with an infant girl. As I was scanning their items a man starts to come in my line asking if I was closed. As much as I just wanted to go home I said yes but ill take you. He thanked me and waited patiently while the husband and wife tried different cards to pay for their groceries, diapers, and other baby items. Decline after decline the women was visibly shaken. As they started to go through their bags to put stuff back the man stepped up to the debit reader and swiped his card. They didn’t even realize until I handed them the receipt and said he just paid for it for you. They were in complete shock, the wife teared up while thanking him as the husband shook his hand and thanked him. I also teared up and told him what a wonderful man he was and that was the nicest thing I have ever seen. Instead of taking credit His response was that I had made it happen for letting him check out at my register after I was closed. What an awesome selfless person, an angel on earth!!


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