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You’d Never Believe It!

Little Johnny was in Sunday school and his mother came to collect him. “Wow!,” exclaimed Johnny as he settled himself in the car, “that story of Moses and all those people crossing the Red Sea was something!”

“Tell me all about it,” said his mother. “Well, the Israelites got out of Egypt, but Pharaoh and his army chased after them. So the Jews ran as fast as they could until they got to the Red Sea. The Egyptian Army was getting closer and closer. So Moses got on his walkie-talkie and told the Israeli Air Force to bomb the Egyptians. While that was happening, the Israeli Navy built a pontoon bridge so the people could cross over. They made it!”

The woman was shocked, and asked, “Is that the way they taught you the story?”

“Well, no, not exactly,” admitted Johnny, “but if I told you the way they told it to us, you’d never believe it.”

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