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Divine Service In The Kirk Of Lamington – Robert Burns

As cauld a wind as ever blew, 
A cauld kirk, an in't but few: 
As cauld a minister's e'er spak; 
Ye'se a' be het e'er I come back.

Burns carved these lines into the window of the Church in Lamington, Clydesdale, which drew the wrath of the beadle.

The minister of the Church at the time was Thomas Mitchell (d. 1811).

It is unsure when Burns actually scrawled this piece on the window, although it can be narrowed down to two potential times.

The first was in late February 1789, the second in December 1791.

However, he wrote to Jean Armour on 29 February 1789 that he had had a ‘horrid journey’ to Edinburgh, and would have passed through Lamington the previous weekend.

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