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Happy Hanukkah


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December 18, 2014 · 15:06


There once was a minister who moved to a congregation that worshipped in a rather dark and gloomy sanctuary.

He felt that it should be brightened up and came up with the idea of installing a chandelier. Not only would it literally brighten up the church but would be bright in an aesthetic way.

He took the idea to his Kirk Session. “I think that we should consider getting a chandelier”, he said.

Before he went on to describe his plans, he was interrupted by an old Elder (why are they always “old” in these stories?) who said “Moderator, I object!…..

….. firstly, none of us can spell “chandelier”…..

….. secondly, where can we can we get someone who knows how to play it….

…..and, lastly and most importantly, what the church really needs is more light!”

What the Church needs is more light.  How true.

The one who is the Light of the World tells us that we should be lights to the world.

Sadly, the lights seem to be extinguished in so many areas of our life.



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Video 2

The Meenister’s Log

When I ministered in the West Indies, it was the early days of videos at wedding services.

It wasn’t a case of every second guest having a small camcorder – this was the works, the works with icing on the top, and a cherry on top of that…. a real Steven Speilberg/ David Lean/ Ridley Scott/ Cecil B deMille production.  There would be a videographer with a massive camera resting on his shoulder or on a tripod, a sound man with mike beam and a lighting technician with one of those huge umbrella things to intensify the light.

And they got in the way – and how!  We almost felt as if we were being manipulated into position – stage-managed, quite literally..

The chancel area of the church would be illuminated to dazzling intensity with light diffused from  the photographic umbrella.

It was almost painfully bright; then awkwardly dim, when the movie director thought that the prayers and readings were to boring to film, and so cut the lights.

They were here; they were there; they were in the way, so I asked them to shift and give me more space.

Nothing – except a look of pity.  They were right up with me on the chancel steps by this time, so,politely, I asked them to move away.

The camera guy was by this time a cigarette-paper’s distance from me – but, now, a third time I turned toward him (there was a hymn being sung at the time) I and as I asked him in more forcible language (not quite of the “industrial strength” that has been deployed before), I tripped over my gown and went clattering into him, his huge camera almost falling off his shoulder.

“There, serves you right, you b****rd!”

If my comment wasn’t heard by the congregation, it certainly would have been afterward on the video tape, and after that, and after that; the sound guy was standing unbeknownst to me on my other side capturing that delightful non-ministerial comment for posterity on the sound track


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