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Clothes Make the Man

There used to be a friendly bowling match (outdoor bowls) in one of my parishes between officers (and friends) of the two respective Boys’ Brigade Companies in the Town.

I appeared at my first one, wearing  jeans and a t-shirt, to be told by a gentleman in his sixties and whom I hadn’t met before, “For a minister of the Kirk, you look like a tramp!”

Wow!  Some rude comment!

Now, this guy was wearing a white cap (in was summertime), a white polo shirt and cream-coloured chinos.

So, I replied: “Well, at least I didn’t put on fancy dress to make me look like a geriatric ice-cream salesman!”



Now, on the other hand…. when I ministered in Guernsey, I was invited to attend the induction/introduction service of the new Methodist Minister in St.Peter’s Port.

As was (sadly dying out), it is the custom for Church of Scotland ministers to wear full robes (cassock, Geneva gown, academic hood etc) to such events.

So I did – and found myself sitting up-front with fellow clergy (including the rector of the Town Church), all of whom were wearing suits and dog collars or ties.

Only the officiating Methodist Superintendent was robed – and that was just a cassock.

Talk about an ΙΧΘΥΣ  out of water!


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