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Just another Friday…..

A University friend, many years ago, was Ordained and Inducted to his first Charge – in Glesga.

One of the first things he did was to consult with the Session Clerk (Senior Elder) about forthcoming events in the Congregation that had been arranged prior to his becoming Minister there.

At one point, he asked if there would be a Good Friday evening service that particular year.

“What date is Good Friday this year?” .

Checking his diary. “This year it falls on 25 March (or whatever)”.

A momentary silence.

Then the Session Clerk pipes up, “But…but…no…no; that’s the date of the Annual Congregation Dance and ‘Race Night'”

Only in Weegieland!


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There once was a minister who moved to a congregation that worshipped in a rather dark and gloomy sanctuary.

He felt that it should be brightened up and came up with the idea of installing a chandelier. Not only would it literally brighten up the church but would be bright in an aesthetic way.

He took the idea to his Kirk Session. “I think that we should consider getting a chandelier”, he said.

Before he went on to describe his plans, he was interrupted by an old Elder (why are they always “old” in these stories?) who said “Moderator, I object!…..

….. firstly, none of us can spell “chandelier”…..

….. secondly, where can we can we get someone who knows how to play it….

…..and, lastly and most importantly, what the church really needs is more light!”

What the Church needs is more light.  How true.

The one who is the Light of the World tells us that we should be lights to the world.

Sadly, the lights seem to be extinguished in so many areas of our life.



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