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The Meenister’s Log

It can affect young and not so young alike.

A colleague who must have been daydreaming, at the Sunday Service, after the first hymn pronounced the benediction.

Another friend routinely forgets to announce that the offering will be collected and has to be reminded by a choir member.

I once forgot that a troop of Boy Scouts, camping nearby, was coming to church one Sunday – and hurriedly, extemporised a youth address as well as modifying the sermon to be more inclusive.

Sermon notes have been left behind on the study desk -often.

On two separate occasions, a minister has not turned up to conduct a wedding and I’ve been asked to “come off the subs’ bench” to do the needful.

Several colleagues have gone to the wrong crematorium; I once went to the wrong cemetery.

One minister friend, at a cremation, got the name of the deceased wrong several times – until a family member shouted at him, telling him the proper name; thereafter, he wrote out the names in very large handwriting.

Well, we’re only human….. as far as I can remember.


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