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Pat Robertson, born March 22, 1930 – a bad year for botched abortions

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Did the earth move for you?

 In about the most extreme example of slut shaming yet, a prayer leader in Tehran has blamed earthquakes on women who dress provocatively and tempt people into promiscuity.

“When promiscuity spreads, earthquakes increase,” Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi said during prayers on Friday, a video of which was later posted on YouTube.

“There is no way other than taking refuge in religion and adapting ourselves to Islamic behavior,” he added.

Sadeghi is a senior cleric who was last year appointed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei as a substitute prayer leader in Tehran, a powerful position with Khamenei himself being the official prayer leader.

Iran has suffered greatly from earthquakes, with one in the city of Bam killing tens of thousands in 2003.

Sadeghi is not the first religious figure to blame the natural disasters on human behaviour.

US televangelist Pat Robertson previously said that Haiti’s devastating earthquake was down to an alleged pact the Haitians had made with the devil in the 18th century.

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Pat is so intense in his condemnation of “vegetable abusers” that he doesn’t notice that his sitting room (beyond the door behind him) is on fire!  A prelude of things to come for this turnip whose heid is full of mince (and tatties)?

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Mad Pat – evil nonsense (again)

Pat Robertson Says Non-Religious Children Should Be Beaten Until They Respect Christian Beliefs (VIDEO)
Stephen D Foster Jr

In another example demonstrating that Pat Robertson believes in persecuting non-Christians and indoctrinating children, the televangelist openly suggested that parents should beat their kids until they respect Christian beliefs.

During yet another shameful episode of the 700 Club, which runs on Disney-owned channel ABC Family, Robertson received an email from a woman who claimed that her grandson disrespects their Christian faith when they visit their daughter on Christmas and chose not to visit this past year.

“We declined going to our daughter’s house on Christmas this year because there is always an argument, hard feelings etc.,” viewer Karen wrote.

“One grandchild comes high on marijuana, cursing and challenging our faith. I correct him and have told my daughter to ask him to respect our beliefs, but he keeps it up. Our daughter say she is a Christian but will drink too much and offend her daughter and her husband. Were we wrong to not to attend another Christmas that leaves us upset or someone angry? I have” shared my beliefs many times with them and am ridiculed by this grandson and son-in-law.”

Robertson’s immediate solution? Beat the child until he respects Christianity.

“Somebody take that kid to the woodshed and let him understand the blessings of discipline,” Robertson advised befo

re predicting that the kid would end up in prison if a strong male figure didn’t start beating him right away.

“He needs a strong male figure. He’s going to wind up in a correctional institution, and the next thing you know, he’s going to be doing hard time in some prison. And then he would wish he wasn’t such a smart, you know, wise guy. Because he’ll be disciplined in a way that he’ll never forget in some prison… He needs discipline in the worst possible way.”

One solution Pat Robertson conveniently didn’t mention is for Karen to stop bringing up religion at her daughter’s home. She says she has “shared her beliefs many times with them” and admits that it always causes an argument. Well, there’s her problem. Stop trying to force your beliefs upon your daughter’s family and the arguments will probably cease. It’s not that people are offended by someone just because they practice a certain religion, they just tend to get offended when someone tries to force those beliefs onto them. By doing this, Karen is inviting arguments, hard feelings, and ridicule from family members who don’t want to be preached to during a holiday or any other day of the year for that matter.

Robertson’s solution is not only cruel, it constitutes child abuse, which is against the law. Beating a child into respecting a religious belief is the very definition of indoctrination and violates the constitutional rights of the abused.

Robertson’s call for beating kids into religious submission is similar to a Glenn Beck rant from 2013 when he also advocated for parents to physically abuse their kids until they believe in God. Just two years earlier, fundamentalist Christian parents beat their nine kids in the name of God. One child actually died from the abuse. Telling religious extremists to beat their kids is a very dangerous thing to do, and if any religious parents beat their kids like Robertson is advising, he should be charged as an accessory to child abuse.

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Loony Toons Time (Again) with Pat


Right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson has claimed that “terrorist” same-sex couples are forcing Christians to marry them or else face jail.

The right-wing TV host, who runs the Christian Broadcasting Network, made the claim on his show, The 700 Club.

He said: “It’s one thing to want to persuade somebody to believe like you do, that’s what Christianity is about, to bring the Gospel message and say this is good news and we’d like you to accept it.

“It’s something else to take the arm of the government to force somebody to do something that is against, contrary to their religion, and that’s what these homosexuals are trying to do.

“They are trying to force people who are Christians to marry them or else face jail, to make cakes honoring them or else go to jail and give their sermons over and divulge their innermost thoughts or go to jail, that’s the kind of thing we’re dealing with.

“These people are terrorists, they’re radicals and they’re extremists.”

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Stupid Old Fool – again!

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May 16, 2014 · 16:12

You’re “Pastor” your sell-by date, Pat

imagePat Robertson compares gays to abortion and calls them oppressors against religious people

Televangelist also says: ‘In Jesus’ time if two men decided they wanted to cohabit together, they would have been stoned to death’

Televangelist Pat Robertson renewed his attack against gays this week when discussing a Colorado baker being sued for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.

‘What would have happened in Jesus’ time if two men decided they wanted to cohabit together, they would have been stoned to death,’ Robertson said on his 700 Club television show. ‘So Jesus would not have baked them a wedding cake nor would he have made them a bed to sleep in because they wouldn’t have been there.’

He added: ‘But we don’t have that in this country here so that’s the way it is.

Robertson then went on to call gays the ‘oppressors’ against ‘people with religious views’ because of their increasingly successful fight for equality when it comes to marriage, the workplace and the military.

He also compared same-sex relationships to abortion because ‘both of them deny the reproduction of human species.’

Robertson, 84, has a long history of anti-gay comments.

Last summer he claimed that that gay men in San Francisco try and purposely spread AIDS by cutting people with a special ring when shaking hands.

He had previously spoken out against gay adults being involved in scouts and lumped them together with pedophiles. He also had claimed that gay people can change their orientation just as murderers, rapists and thieves can change, had said gays are ‘possessed,’ and that it is possible to ‘un-aquire gayness.’

from “GayStarNews”

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Stupid old fool



Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson on Thursday took some time out during his daily television show to offer advice to a twice-divorced woman: You pick losers and shouldn’t remarry.

The Christian media mogul made the comments during the write-in segment of his show “The 700 Club” on Dec. 5.

Viewer “Melody” asked Robertson if she was going to be in trouble with God due to multiple divorces.

“What is God’s view on divorce?” Melody asked. “All of my marriages failed. I tried really hard to make them work, but the last husband wouldn’t work or pay the bills, and the guy before him was an alcoholic. Will I go to hell if I marry again? Will I be classified as an adulteress?”

“In answer to your question, you’ve got a serious problem, and I don’t think marriage is for you,” Robertson responded. “You have picked a selection of losers. There is something in your character that draws you to these men who are indigent or abusive. … I don’t think you’re marriage material.”

While noting that she wasn’t going to go to hell for her actions, Robertson said Melody appeared to be making her own hell on Earth.

“Just for now, forget marriage,” Robertson concluded. “Work out a life for yourself. … Get close to the Lord.”

Robetson’s comments are in keeping with his generally colorful (or, depending on whom you ask, offensive) opinions regarding homosexuality, politics and marriage.

In May, Robertson told a viewer that married men “have a tendency to wander” and that it is up to the wife to make sure her husband is continually given incentives to remain faithful. Focus on the positive, Robertson advised, and don’t nag him about cheating, lest he be driven even further away.

Similarly, in 2010, the host advised a woman complaining about her husband’s flirtatious ways not to “hassle him about it” and just make herself as attractive as possible.

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You Won’t Believe Who Pat Robertson Blames for Tornadoes
May 21, 2013 | Filed under: Headlines,Religion,Videos | Posted by: Wendy Gittleson

If we’ve learned anything from the last 30 years or so of televangelism, God is responsible for nothing. The responsibility for all of the world’s tragedies lie squarely in the laps of gays, non-Christians, people who have sex, abortion, feminism and birth control. But what happens if a tragedy strikes at the geographical heart of evangelical Christianity?

On Monday night, a horrific tornado, measuring as much as a two miles wide and 22 miles long, devastated a suburb of Oklahoma City, OK. Its wreckage imagines the worst of war-torn countries. At this point, 15 adults and nine children have been confirmed dead.

While Americans are setting aside party politics and lending a hand where a hand is needed, televangelist, Pat Robertson, has consistently done what he does best – point fingers.

A couple of years ago when asked why God lets tornado happen, Robertson’s answer was that God created weather patterns (or something like that) and that the blame should be placed on the people that chose to live in the weather’s way. If only there was a follow-up question asking where, exactly, people were immune from weather and natural disasters. He also said that Jesus would have stopped the tornado if only people had prayed enough.

“If enough people were praying He would’ve intervened, you could pray, Jesus stilled the storm, you can still storms.”

This story caught my eye because there is a debate happening on my Facebook page about the power of prayer. Prayer, in my opinion, is a healthy way to help a person deal with stress. It’s like meditation. However, as a method of disaster prevention, not so much. You can be sure that many if not most of history’s slaves prayed on a daily basis. You can be equally sure about the victims of the Holocaust. No amount of prayer helped save them from the tragedies that befell them. Prayer may have helped them stay positive, though.

Sometimes, however, prayer comes with a certain amount of bullying – as demonstrated by Pat Robertson. If bad things happen, the story goes, blame yourself. God is never at fault. You weren’t righteous enough to prevent tragedy and if you were righteous enough, then surely your neighbors brought the wrath upon you. But it even goes beyond that. “I’ll pray for you” can be used as a weapon. It is often the last word in an argument. It signals disapproval and it signals self-righteousness.

Prayer without expectation can be beneficial. So can an hour of quiet time or an intense session of exercise. For that matter, a good book (as opposed to THE Good Book) can help me navigate the world ahead. Just don’t expect the seas to part because of it. That only happened once, despite thousands of years’ worth of prayer since.

No one has the right to tell someone not to pray, but the flip side of that is that no one has the right to tell me that God will punish me for not praying. If you believe in the big guy in the sky, then you should believe that he will hear your prayers, regardless of my opinion about them, and that his wrath toward me is solely up to him.

As for the people in Oklahoma, I will be giving blood today and I have already donated money. You can as well. Here’s a link. Pray if you like, but please accompany it with action.

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