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The Meenister’s Log

I was ordained on 26 June 1974 and a week today (4 December 2012) I’ll be hanging up the dog collar – after thirty-eight and a half’ years’Ministry.

A story a day, until then:-


1970 – first lecture in systematic theology.  As I entered the lecture room, a soto voce whisper from near the front “Look what they’re letting into the ministry these days.

From a mature student wearing a suit and tie – me: denim clad and very long hair.

Fast forward thirty-odd years, at a conference, and the same guy, but now with greasy grey hair tied in a pony-tail and wearing very casual clothes.

“You’ve come a long way from University days and the ‘Man at C & A look’ – I take it you failed to become a minister then”  (he had, of course, but it was good to wind him up)

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