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The “Show” must go on

My beloved Father died 39 years ago yesterday (on 21 February 1976) in Glasgow  – at the Western Infirmary. Yesterday, he was very much on my mind. What a decent and honourable man he was, and a loving and beloved Dad, whose counsel was wise, realistic, and positive.  I wish that I was even half the man that he was.

It was a Saturday – early evening – when he passed away.  After the usual formalities, I took my mother home (widowed at the age of 55), and stayed with her until almost midnight.

I then drove home to my Manse – some 40 miles away  – where my beloved wife (and one year old son – fast asleep) was waiting.

After talking things through for an hour or so, I went into my study and stayed up all night, writing a sermon from scratch; my organist was a wonderful, delightful, talented musician – who often was given the praise list half an hour before the service – so no problems there, with what hymns would be sung.  Davie – you were wonderful, as a musician, and as a friend.

This was my first Charge and had only been there for a couple of years – so no “Golden Oldies” to rehash.  I think that I finished typing my notes about 6.30 that morning.

And, in the pulpit on time on the Sunday morning. Haven’t a clue what I preached about (it’s somewhere in my files).

Then, after a snatched lunch, back down the road to Glasgow.

Foolhardy? Professional? Let the congregation down with sub-standard material?  What do YOU think?P

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Sermon preparation

The Meenister’s Log

It was a Saturday afternoon, in my first charge, and I had spent all day preparing for the Sunday Service.

As it was such a sunny day, Helen, being fed up stuck in the Manse, decided to take the then baby for a stroll down the Doune to Argaty Road.

On the way, she met an old fermer who was a member of the kirk, who, after exchanging pleasantries, said “Ah thoucht yer man would hae been oot wi’ ye on a braw day like this”

Helen replied, “He’s been busy all day writing his sermon”

“Jings” said the old worthy, “but he preaches fur 15 minutes – ah thoucht it wid take the same time tae write it”

btw – after being a minister’s wife for about 12-15 years, Helen, who couldn’t understand why I could spend such a long time in choosing the hymns for the Sunday Service, suddenly realised that they were picked to reflect the theme – she had thought, up till then, that it was just a random selection of ones that I liked!

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