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A  Bishop is visiting Dublin for a conference. While there, a fellow clergyman recommends a restaurant to go to en route to the railway station.
He takes the advice, and decides to treat himself to a steak . He goes in, sits down, and waits for his order to be taken.
Finally, a waitress comes over.

“Good day!” he says, “one steak please, rare”.”

She returns to his table some ten minutes later, puts his plate of sirloin down before him, and says, ““ONE BLOODY STEAK, Father”.
The bishop says, ““Young lady,  I am a ‘man of God’ and cursing like that offends me.”

She replies, “Oh no, I wasn’t swearing. That’s what we call an underdone steak here – it’s how the chef cooks it….bloody”

“Right so”, replies the bishop accepting this explanation, “Sorry, I misunderstood”
A  year later, the Bishop is back in town, at a three day conference.

On the last evening he says to a couple of priests who are with him, “Look, lads, we’ve had a grand time here, but the cookin’ hasn’t been wonderful. So am treatin’ you to a slap-up dinner in a wee place I discovered last time I was here in the city. How’s about it?”

So they go to the restaurant, sit down, and when the waitress comes over, the Bishop says, three bloody  steaks, please””
As she goes off to get the order, one of the priests shouts after her, “Aye, and we’ll have  plenty of fecking chips with them!”

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September 29, 2015 · 09:58

Revelling in our Calling


The Cabinet Office has been looking at the relationship between different jobs and levels of life satisfaction, and publicans, it turns out, are in the unhappiest occupation of all. They are closely followed by brickies and debt collectors.

The happiest workers, the research suggests, are vicars and priests. Members of the clergy enjoy the most satisfying lives – but farmers and fitness instructors are pretty jolly too.

The government thinks people should have access to information on the relationship between the salary and the satisfaction associated with a career – part of the prime minister’s commitment to find policies that boost the wellbeing of the nation.

What emerges is that, while there is a link between earnings and life-satisfaction, some quite well-paid jobs are populated by those with low levels of wellbeing – and vice versa. For example, despite an average salary of almost £39,000 a year, quantity surveyors work in the 41st most miserable occupation out of 274 different categories

The average farmer earns £24,500, but they are a particularly chipper lot with the eighth highest life satisfaction of any job. In fact, the outdoor life does seem to be associated with greater personal wellbeing – managers in agriculture and horticulture are the third happiest and farm workers are in the top 25 too.

The people whose jobs are associated with the lowest life satisfaction include telesales workers, bar staff, rent collectors and leisure assistants.

Top five jobs

Chief executive/senior official
Agriculture/horticulture proprietor
Company secretary
Quality assurance

from a BBC website


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The Vatican Releases ‘Roman Calendar’ Featuring the Most Handsome Priests

imageThe Vatican put their traditional calendar for next year on sale without the need of hiring professional models, since the most handsome and sexy priests were there already.
The Calendario Romano website introduced the latest edition of the printed calendar that Vatican priests do every year in collaboration with Italian photographer Piero Pazzi.
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This is not an official Vatican product, according to El Mundo, but it has been well-accepted by Catholics in Rome who bought it for 10 Euro.
Each month of 2014 is accompanied with the photograph of a young priest photographed by Pazzi during their daily lives, serving the community or smiling for a pose and wearing their robes.

The Italian photographer said that almost 75,000 copies of the calendar are sold every year.
The priests posed voluntarily, after the success obtained since 2004, with a hat, reading the newspaper, reading a book, or making a face.
The Vatican introduced the sexiest members of the Vatican, with a similar idea to women’s calendars made throughout the world.
The project has received positive criticism on social networks by Catholics, mostly women, who have shown their interest in seeing the most handsome priests of the church.
Some have even joked that these celibate men are being “wasted”.
Every month is in a different language thanks to people from other European and American countries showing their interest in buying a copy of the calendar.
The Vatican is also selling a cat calendar titled “Romantic Cats 2014” showing photographs of the cute little animals.

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