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The minister will be on leave from:
Thurs 5 – Tues 17 Feb.

Pulpit cover will be provided by the Rev Sandy Strachan. Sandy has a wee connection with the parish – while training for ministry, he was supervised by our Session Clerk’s husband, Bob. By way of an odd kind of synchonicity, while a minister in Musselburgh many years back, Sandy supervised Nikki’s supervisor.
Prior to retiring, Sandy worked for the NHS as a healthcare chaplain in Dumfries.

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Character Reference

I was once asked to take three services, during a particular Minister’s summer holidays, when he would be absent from the Pulpit.

On my third Sunday, after parking the car, I noticed an elderly member of the Kirk struggling to negotiate the steep steps up to the building.  I caught up with her about a quarter up the “stairway to heaven”, and offered to take her arm to help her up to the church.

After a moment or so, she asked me, “And who is conducting morning worship today, young man?”

“It’s Mr Strachan”, I replied.

She then turned to me, and said, “I wonder, then, if you would be so kind as to help me back down the steps”

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Who’s the Preacher Today?

The Meenister’s Log

When I was a divinity student, during University holidays, I would often take Sunday Services in Churches whose ministers had either left or retired – it’s known as “pulpit supply”

On one particular Sunday, I arrived at the steps of this Church at the same time as an elderly lady who was walking with a stick.

(I should point out that being a student, I wasn’t entitled to wear a clerical collar and instead was in mufti)

“May I help you up the steps?” I asked her.

“How kind, thank you”

Half way up, we stopped for a moment’s rest.

“Tell me, young man, who is the preacher today?”

“Why, it’s myself; I was here a couple of weeks ago, if you remember”

“I wonder,” she replied, “if you would help me back down the steps!”

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October 21, 2012 · 10:24