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The Rev Bully

the Rev Bully could be quite intimidating and his “forthright manner” was evident as convener of the Presbytery’s “readjustment” committee.

A neighbouring parish to mine had a minister who was less than popular with his congregation and elders (in fact, the Session Clerk of said church met with me to discuss how to get rid of the guy – for obvious reasons, I didn’t give any real advice – none of my business )

anyhow, the Rev Bully would phone him everyday and with industrial strength language (unbecoming for a man of the cloth) would shout down the phone demanding that he “went forth and multiplied” or something along those lines, in order that the vacant church could be linked or united with another Kirk in a neighbouring parish.

well, the war of attrition got more intense – with implied violence – as the weeks went by until at last the Reverend gentleman decided to leave for pastures new.

I forgot to mention that the ‘victim’ in this sorry tale had a post- graduate Doctor of Ministry degree – a D.Min ……..  and we all know that Jesus drove out the D.Mins as did the Rev Bully!

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