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The Reverend Tell It Like It is

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I went to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle yesterday to pick up my German daughter-in-law, who had been there all day with her mother .  She was there to  keep her mother company and to act as an interpreter, as mum’s English is limited.

I had heard earlier in the day that my daughter-in-law’s  English  was commented upon and criticised by a staff nurse on the ward.

So, I arrived at the nurses’ station where there were about four nurses, an auxiliary, the charge nurse and the clerkess.

I mentioned to them that one of their colleagues had been judgmental in what she had done and that it was verging on racism.  “Oh no, never” they protesteth.

I then told them that I worked for another NHS Board (didn’t say in what capacity) and that I taught our student nurses to be respectful of those whose grammar or accent wasn’t the norm, never to correct or criticise or patronise

One of the nurses then jumped in with “I’m foreign (unspecified) and if it hadn’t been for others correcting my English, I would never have learned”

Now Daniel was in the lions’ den, but simply replied that where I came from the standards were perhaps different and then bid them a good evening.

As I’ve got a voice which is a bit hoarse at the moment, all the above comments must have sounded like a quiet venomous hiss.

Guess what?  for the hour or so we had to wait for  mum to be discharged, they were very pleasant!

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Respect Other Religions – 2



May 2, 2013 · 16:50

Different Faiths


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August 8, 2012 · 08:10