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“Before we commit his body to the ground ….. let’s give a big hand for Gypsy Rose Lee”

ITV News

China says it will crack down on strippers performing at funerals, declaring the performances illegal and a corruption of “social morals”.

According to the country’s state media, burlesque shows have been used at some funerals to attract more mourners and showcase the family’s wealth.

While the practice is infrequent and largely in rural areas, it is said to be growing in popularity.
In a notice on its website, the country’s Ministry of Culture called for a “black list” of people and workplaces that put on such shows, singling out a group named the Red Rose Song and Dance Troupe.

The department said the burlesque troupe had performed a strip-tease after a traditional song-and dance routine at the funeral of an elderly person in a small town of Handan in Hebei province earlier this year.

One of the Red Rose leaders was handed 15 days in detention and a fine of 70,000 yuan (£7,500) after being prosecuted.
Quoted in an article on the subject in the Wall Street Journal, one of the village’s residents said the performers were a necessity.
It’s to give them face… otherwise no-one would come.

Last updated Fri 24 Apr 2015

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