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The Minister, The Doctor and the Lawyer

As Mr. Smith was on his death bed, he attempted to formulate a plan that would allow him to take at least some of his considerable wealth with him.

He called for the three men he trusted most – his lawyer, his doctor, and his clergyman.

He told them, “I’m going to give you each £30,000 in cash before I die. At my funeral, I want you to place the money in my coffin so that I can try to take it with me.”

All three  agreed to do this and were given the money. At the funeral,  each approached the coffin in turn and placed an envelope inside.

While riding in the limousine back from the cemetery, the Minister said, “I have to confess something to you fellows.
John Smith was a good churchman all his life, and I know   he would have wanted me to do this. The church needed roof repairs very badly, and I took £10,000 of the money he gave  me and put it towards it. I only put £20,000 in the coffin.”

The Doctor then said, “Well, since we’re confiding in one  another, I might as well tell you that I didn’t put the full  £0,000 in the coffin either. Smith had a disease that could  have been diagnosed sooner if I had this very new machine,  but the machine cost £20,000 and I couldn’t afford it then.

I used £20,000 of the money to buy the machine so that I  might be able to save another patient. I know that Smith  would have wanted me to do that.”

The lawyer then said, “I’m ashamed of both of you! I put the full £30,000 into Smith’s coffin, and my personal cheque is always good.”

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