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The Conversation of the Unborn Twins

The conversation of a set of twins in the womb of their mother …

“Say, do you actually believe in life after birth?” the one twin asks.

“Yes, definitely! Inside we grow and are prepared for what will come outside,” answered the other twin.

“I believe that’s nonsense!” says the first. “There can’t be life after birth—what is that supposed to look like?”

“I don’t exactly know either. But there will certainly be much more light than in here. And maybe we will be walking about and eat with our mouths?”

“I’ve never heard such nonsense! Eating with the mouth? What a crazy idea. There is the umbilical cord that nourishes us. And how do you want to walk about? The umbilical cord is much too short.”Unborn twins

“I am sure it is possible. It’s just that everything will be a little bit different.”

“You are crazy! Nobody ever came back after birth. Life is over with birth. That’s it.”

“I admit that nobody knows what life after birth will look like. But I do know that we will see our mother then, and that she will take care of us.”

“Mother???? But you don’t believe in a mother, do you? Where is she?”

“She is here, all around us. We are and we live within her and through her. Without her we couldn’t exist at all!”

“Nonsense! I’ve never sensed a mother, consequently she doesn’t exist.”

“Yes, sometimes, when we are very quiet you can hear her sing, or feel how she caresses our world.”

—Author Unknown

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In the Maternity Unit


Charlie Chaplain’s Tales



A Hospital Chaplain was doing his rounds and when He stopped into the maternity Ward waiting room to talk to the three men that were waiting for the news of the arrival of their new born. As the Chaplain talked to the first fella he was about to ask Him what kind of work he does? About that time a nurse comes in and tells him he is the proud Father of Twins. He jumps up all happy as a bear in a honey tree, and says “what a coincidence, my wife gave birth to twins and I play baseball for the Minnesota twins. A minute later another nurse comes in and says to the second fella, “MR. Brown, you are the proud Father of triplets”. He says, “Now that is a coincidence because I work for the 3M Company”. Now the third guy gets all nervous and sweaty and asks the nurse “is there some place I could lay down”? The Nurse says, “Are you not feeling well”? He answers “No, I am feeling OK, Just a little scared because I work for the 7UP Company”.

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