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The Christian Misogynist

High school brings in Christian misogynist to lecture students about dating, students shut him down

    High school brings in Christian misogynist to lecture students about dating, students shut him down
    Justin Lookadoo (Credit: via Lookadoo.com)
    Texas students didn’t take too kindly to a “dating expert” who believes “dateable girls know how to shut up”

    Justin Lookadoo is a Christian motivational speaker and “dating expert” who believes that “dateable girls know how to shut up,” and that “dateable guys … know they are stronger, more dangerous, and more adventurous [than girls] and that’s okay.”

    He also illustrates his advice:

    And puts his advice into pithy one-liners, telling girls that, “If you go too tight, too short, or too low-cut [with the clothes you wear], you are no longer a person to get to know but an object to use.”

    This is terrible advice that no one should listen to. And yet a high school in Texas actually invited Lookadoo to share his retrograde and deeply misogynistic Christian complementarian views with its students.

    But they weren’t having it. Students at Richardson High School swarmed Lookadoo after his talk to call him out for being a sexist jerk; they also took to Twitter to further ridicule him (and their school for inviting Lookadoo in the first place).

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    Burka Avenger

    Huffington Post UK  |                                           By Sara C. Nelson                                      Posted:25/07/201312:07                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
    Armed with pens and books and draped in a flowing black burka, this is Pakistan’s first female superhero.
    The Burka Avenger is the star of an upcoming cartoon series, which sees the teacher protagonist using martial arts skills to fight thugs seeking to close down the school where she works.
    Her mission is an obvious nod to the tyranny of the Taliban and its efforts to stymie female education.
    burka avenger
    The Taliban is responsible for blowing up hundreds of schools in Pakistan’s northwest and for the attack on Malala Yousafzai.
    Militants shot the 15-year-old in the head in 2012 for the “crime” of promoting education for girls.
    “The main goals of the Burka Avenger TV series are to make people laugh, to entertain and to send out strong social messages to the youth that educate, enlighten and reinforce positive social behaviour,” states literature on the official site.
    The 13 episode Urdu cartoon, which starts in August, is the brainchild of Aaron Haroon Rashid – one of Pakistan’s biggest popstars.
    burka avenger
    That the Burka Avenger is thus clad may well raise some eyebrows – after all it was the Taliban which forced women to wear the Muslim dress when it took control of Afghanistan in the 1990s.
    Of his heroine’s attire, he told the Associated Press: “It’s not a sign of oppression. She is using the burka to hide her identity like other superheroes.
    “Since she is a woman, we could have dressed her up like Catwoman or Wonder Woman, but that probably wouldn’t have worked in Pakistan.”
    When she’s not fighting bad guys and saving schools, the Burka Avenger goes by the name of Jiya – and wears neither burka nor headscarf.

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