The Vatican Releases ‘Roman Calendar’ Featuring the Most Handsome Priests

imageThe Vatican put their traditional calendar for next year on sale without the need of hiring professional models, since the most handsome and sexy priests were there already.
The Calendario Romano website introduced the latest edition of the printed calendar that Vatican priests do every year in collaboration with Italian photographer Piero Pazzi.
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This is not an official Vatican product, according to El Mundo, but it has been well-accepted by Catholics in Rome who bought it for 10 Euro.
Each month of 2014 is accompanied with the photograph of a young priest photographed by Pazzi during their daily lives, serving the community or smiling for a pose and wearing their robes.

The Italian photographer said that almost 75,000 copies of the calendar are sold every year.
The priests posed voluntarily, after the success obtained since 2004, with a hat, reading the newspaper, reading a book, or making a face.
The Vatican introduced the sexiest members of the Vatican, with a similar idea to women’s calendars made throughout the world.
The project has received positive criticism on social networks by Catholics, mostly women, who have shown their interest in seeing the most handsome priests of the church.
Some have even joked that these celibate men are being “wasted”.
Every month is in a different language thanks to people from other European and American countries showing their interest in buying a copy of the calendar.
The Vatican is also selling a cat calendar titled “Romantic Cats 2014” showing photographs of the cute little animals.

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